My name is Tania Ho, and I grew up in Hong Kong.

I now live and work in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, where I own and run a cozy retreat and spa center called Museflower Retreat & Spa.

I see myself as an intuitive soul guide, who helps support people to live in harmony with their heart, soul and Spirit.

I’m also a mom of two boys and two dogs.

I write. I chant. I drum. I dance.
I meditate. I read. I teach. I cook.

And I also love anything spa and wellness-related. Oh, and watching TV

What do I believe in?

I believe in the Universe, the Great Spirit, an Infinite Intelligence that surrounds us and is beyond our understanding. You can also call It the Light, Divine, Nature, Source, Creator, God, Goddess, or even the Grand Mystery of Life. To me, they all refer to the same thing.

I believe that we are all connected as One, and our outer reality is only a reflection of our inner world.

I believe that we are born here for a purpose, and each of us is equipped with unique gifts, talents and skills to serve that purpose.

I believe that spiritual practice is the number one key that can anchor and ground us into our spiritual existence here on Earth. It is a way of life that connects with our inner Light. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I believe that my purpose here is to spread and serve the Light.

And one way for me to do that is to share my personal life journey through my voice. Through my filters, lens, and perspectives on experiencing this world.

Spirituality does not need to be an abstract concept. Every day we can live consciously, growing and evolving, with awareness and mindfulness, with trust and faith, and with honor and respect.

In my blog and website, I want to show you that It is possible to co-create and live with Spirit (aka Universe / Divine) in our daily lives. Through parenthood. Through travel. Through work. Through self-care. Through day-to-day simple moments in life.

I am here to support you and show you that we are all here…
To experience the extraordinary in the ordinary.
To live as our true authentic Self.

I dedicate my blog to my dad, who had suffered from depression and committed suicide in 2011. May we all remember our connection with our Divine presence. May we remember that we are not alone. May we remember that we are constantly guided and supported and loved. We only need to open up our minds and hearts, and listen.

Be Your True Self and No One Else

Since young, I have a passion for natural health which led me on a path to discovering the world of Spas and Wellness.

I graduated from Hotel Management school with a focus on spa management, and went on to work for a few five-star resort and hotel spas, such as Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and Six Senses Spas.

When I was 25, my dad passed away suddenly. His death has taught me many things; one of them being that life was too short to be doing things that I didn’t feel aligned with anymore. I quit my job in Thailand and went back to Hong Kong. I embarked on a path of self-healing and till today, I am still on this journey.

At 28, I co-founded a retreat center in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand with my ex-business partner who used to be my retreat teacher. After the center was opened for a few months, our partnership broke down and we went our separate ways. I kept the business, and went through my first dark night of the Soul.

A couple months later in 2014, I rebranded the retreat center as Museflower Retreat & Spa, a cozy vegetarian retreat center for yoga, meditation and spiritual retreats, as well as spa getaway holidays.

Since 2015, I was encouraged by one of my spiritual teachers and the Universe to step out of my comfort zone, and started offering healing sessions and meditation classes at Museflower.

I have enjoyed learning from different teachers, meeting my soul sisters and brothers, and constantly am inspired by my guests and clients.

I wish I could just pick one holistic therapy I’ve learned to be the ONE main thing I do. I’ve been struggling on how to call myself besides as a business owner, and to share to others about the healing services that I offer. I would have much preferred to stay safe than to be seen (naturally an introvert I am).

But the Universe has better plans for me. I am constantly being invited to gently step out of my comfort zone, and to peel off one layer after another to be my true authentic self.

So why am I
an intuitive soul guide?

In 2020 when COVID-19 hit, I turned to sharing my work online more. That’s when I summed up the courage and decided it’s time to be brave and show a little bit more of my face to the world.

I’ve found that I am consistently drawn to learning vibrational healing tools. I believe that all these tools are here to support us to connect back to our inner guru – our heart and Soul. When we learn how to speak the language of our Soul, we can understand better how the Universe speaks to us too. We can then see how the Divine is really supporting us all the time throughout our journey here on Earth.

The best way I can describe what I do now is a soul guide. Through my intuition, I tune into which vibrational healing tools can assist you at this moment for an energetic boost, and to bring you back to your heart center where your Soul’s wisdom lies.

I’ve been trained in a few holistic therapies as below that have eventually become part of my intuitive healing toolbox. All spiritual practices I share come from my own experience, and even though I am not formally trained in “intuition” or “meditation”, I trust that my inner teacher will show me what to do.

Some modalities I’ve been trained in:
– Bach Flower Essences (emotional healing)
– Magnified Healing (energy healing)
– Reiki (energy healing)
– Hado counseling (vibrational healing through water)
– Shamanic Journeying (spiritual healing)
– Labyrinth walks (meditation + spiritual healing)
– Inner Dance Sound Healing (vibrational sound healing)
– Bhakti Yoga / devotional chanting (meditation + vibrational sound healing)
It is my honor to support you on your journey to be your true authentic self.
If you resonate with what I share, feel free to get in touch.
It takes courage to be seen. It takes strength to ask for help.
Let’s Support Each Other.
From one Brave Heart to another