Free Workshop
How to Use Mantra to Support You Through Transition


Learn the ONE mantra I use to help me go through my transitions in life

What we will cover in this free 45-minute recording:

  • Introduction to ONE mantra that can you go through transition (yes – Ganesha’s mantra)
  • Practice japa together (repeating the mantra for 108 times and sit in meditation)
  • Time for journaling
  • Group sharing
Are you going through
a transition in your life that makes you feel uneasy and anxious?


Change is the only constant in life. It pushes us to evolve and grow, yet as comfort creatures, we hang on to what is known and safe as much as we can.

It feels scary when we are stepping into the unknown. I get that.

But the only way forward is to keep moving. And to do so, we need to equip ourselves with the right tools and the right mindset.

This is where my free online Mantra Meditation workshop can help.

What is this Workshop about?
In my free online Mantra Meditation workshop, you will learn how to meditate and chant with a mantra.
Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means “tool of the mind and a sacred formula”, and it is a very easy-to-use tool that can help you go through any transitions.

As we repeat a mantra over and over again, our mind can relax and it becomes easier to connect with the inner stillness and listen to our wisdom within.

Every sound of a mantra can elicit a certain vibration, represented by the divine qualities of a deity. In this free workshop, we will be learning Ganesha’s mantra, who is the elephant-headed Hindu God for removing obstacles.

Through chanting mantra, we can harmonize our energy with the same frequency of love and wisdom and lean on the support of the Universe.

We can start to see that a transition is actually an initiation, letting us to take one step closer to live as our authentic self.

Can This Workshop Help You?
  • Feel more grounded and calm with mantra meditation
  • Find the inner stillness within you
  • Listen to your inner wisdom
  • Be more confident in expressing your voice
  • Immerse in the joy and bliss of singing

No previous experience with chanting or meditation is required. This free workshop is perfect for beginners in meditation, and anyone who would like to explore the power of mantra.

By the end of this free workshop, you will be able to use mantra to help you manage your anxiety and the butterflies in your stomach to go through any transitions in your life.

Remember, the magic lies in the unknown!

Join Me
in this Free Class & Receive Your Bonus:

Audio Recording for the Japa – Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha 108 times

As a bonus of joining me for this online workshop, you will receive a copy of my audio recording of my own japa practice with repeating Ganesha’s mantra “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” for 108 times.

You can download and follow this audio recording anytime for your own japa meditation practice.