Loving words from clients

  • “It was an interesting session as I had not heard about it. I went with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised how accurate it was about my current stage of life. The take-away for me was a gentle reminder to be grateful and love which are the foundation of many beliefs/ philosophy of life. The sharing from Tania on the action plans to enhance the well being were good and simple.”
    Singapore, Dec 15
  • “I am back to work again but with different thinking. Actually I just shared my experience with my friends about my retreat. After joining the HADO session, I feel that this is scientific . Thing can be proved . At first I am so hesitating , not know what it is . After listening and quite agree about the power of water. It is actually simple but ignored. I learn a lot about this just talking to my cells , think positive and treat them well. Surely next time I will spend more on this HADO sessions.”
    Thailand, Dec 15
  • “As for the Hado session I can say that I enjoyed it and some of the things that were revealed were quite accurate. I’m going to take into consideration the advice provided, especially the one on allowing emotions, as this is something that I sometimes struggle with.”
    Romania, Dec 15
  • “Although I was introduced to the healing power of water over 10 years ago, I experienced the Hado treatment for the first time with Tania. The session lasted for less than 2 hours and Tania explained clearly every step of the way. The device could detect a broad spectrum of areas while Tania combined this with her intuitive gift to provide me a thorough reading. After drinking the Hado water, I felt more energized and less bloated. It definitely worked on me.”
    Marilyn Cheung
    Founder, 7th Ray Center, Hong kong, Mar 16
  • “The effect of Hado water on me was not a surprise. I have been a fan of Dr. Emoto for many years. One minute after drinking Hado water at the demo session, I felt very pleasant tinkling energy [all the way] down [to] my toes. “
    Hong Kong, Jan 16
  • “Really appreciate the distance healing…My right hand, lower back and left shoulder experienced pain [before]. Now it has gone…Today’s mind is full of flashing thoughts which I believe is [part of] the cleansing process as well.”
    Hong Kong, Apr 16
  • “After the hado session i feel emotionally happy because now i know what is missing in my body system.Throughout two hours of hado session, i learnt what my body and my mind wants from me.From this hado session made me realized that many symtom or sickness that i get mainly start from my mind then the mind give signal to my body to get my attention to listen to my body. Now i feel more alert and more active. I dont feel tired like i used to do.i feel that i have more energy to do exercise outdoor.Special thanks to Tania who gave me such an incredible hado session.Looking forward to do another hado session with you again.”
    Thailand, Apr 16
  • Hado therapy analysis was insightful and I felt a deep resonance with the energetic diagnosis. Tania was professional and clearly explained the research of Dr. Emoto. The treatment is gentle, resulting in a slow, but sure shift and I feel more balanced, grounded and open. Highly recommended.”   Sarah Walton – Novelist (you can attribute as you wish – either just my name, or guest, or title – whatever you think most appropriate).
    S. Walton
    Jan 2017
  • “The retreat was Joyful and yet, relaxing. The sessions was outstanding, fun and enlightening The environment is just so wonderful…. .with delicious vegetarian meals! *never thought vegetarian food can be soooooooooo yummy! The staffs are ever so cheerful and helpful. I want to thank you for sharing your time, your hearts, your expertise, and your practices with so much passion. It’s been a wonderful experience for me and my partner.”
    J. Jay
    Mar 17
  • “It all started with the search for a retreat which is a yearly affair and I believe energy connection brought us to Museflower. We stayed for a whole 5D4N at Museflower and here is our journey. A patient driver pick us from the airport to this place called home for the next 5 days. We were greeted by friendly staffs and were shown around the place before we were seated down for a awesome vegetarian lunch. After which, we had a short yet impact class which opens us to energies around us. We opted for 2 classes, (1) Crystal Reiki Massage by Khun A. She is an amazing practitioner and enlighten me with ways of dealing with my inner self. An hour with her releases blockages which had been holding on for a period of time. (2)Magnified Healing by Tania Ho, brought forth a clear picture of my subconscious and makes me connect to myself for healing. I came home with a clearer mind and I started to see things in a different way reminding myself to be more aware of my inner self and the changes I need to take. It was an amazing stay with great healing teachers which I feel everyone should visit and experience the difference it will bring to one’s journey.”
    W. Goh
    Mar 17
  • “I can’t express how grateful to you and your team. Since February after I returned to Hong Kong from Khao Lak (look how much I love Thailand!), it’s been a few stressful months and I almost felt I couldn’t carry on.  To be very honest with you, I did have high hopes before I joined the retreat as I knew I need to rejuvenate to possibly carry on. I thought my main goal was soul searching, thinking about the next step, planning where I should lead myself to, but it turns out these are not what I need. What I need is to take care of myself at present, to gain the security and confidence that I so lack but so necessary to my well-being. It’s always been a major struggle for me to protect myself from causing my own downfall. Obviously I don’t know if it will happen again in the future – but at least I know that I could pause at Museflower You have brought me back to the right path, I am not sure where the direction is, but all your wisdom, words, the not so beautiful metaphor has at least made me believe it is possible to achieve calmness and to trust the world a little. Sometimes I almost felt like your team took exceptional care of me. By luck I was in a few private class, Khun A and Jang talked to me and they almost understood instantly what I’m going through. What made all your team so special is the authenticity and how genuine they are – I could tell that they truly want me to be happy, and truly tried their best to help, but what I liked is they didn’t do it at a position of preaching but as a emotional companion. Of course my time with you made the journey even more special. I learnt a lot from your candid sharing. Work has already quickly engulfed me since last week, but I am hoping I can still keep the empowerment for at least a little longer. Really, I don’t have much else to say except thank you. (Well I did type a pretty long email whilst having a not very good massage). Please keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to many!”
    Denise Cheuk
    Apr 17
  • “I’ve known Tania for 15 years as a friend and a colleague in the wellness industry. The past 6 months I’ve been separated from my family due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sadness and stress were reaching unmanageable levels and I was aware that I was suffering from PSTD. I noticed Tania’s soul guide readings on Instagram. I was taken back by the presence she had and thought why not give it a try. I’ve been in healing work for 28 years and to impress me takes a lot as I’ve seen a lot during my years doing therapy and receiving therapy. After my sessions with Tania I felt remarkably relieved, her presence and graceful compassion and guidance really blew me away and I’m deeply grateful for not only relief but also a game plan as to keep in the light and dance away from the darkness that can engulf us all…especially with the reality of the virus and the implications it had on all of our lives. I’m really very grateful to of had the opportunity to get my soul back on track to being truly awesome!”
    Stephen Kirwin
    BA CMT, Hong Kong, Sep 2, 2020
  • “Thank you so much for your card reading. It is beautiful and has nourished my heart tremendously. I was so touched when I read your card and reading. The message from the Universe in this special time of life is very kindly and supportive indeed.”
    J. Wong
    Hong Kong, Mar 2020
  • “Tania’s Soul Card reading was very point-on for me as I was having some conflicts within and I needed guidance. Her guidance and the card that she picked was exactly how I felt at this time and I enjoyed her interpretation of what I should do or feel while observing the card itself. If recommend this service of Tania’s to everyone because at this unprecedented times where we feel more lost than usual, perhaps a card reading can help clear your path for you with brighter lights.”
    A. Fok
    Thailand, Mar 2020