Monthly Intuitive Soul Card Reading: September 26 to October 24, 2022



”A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking
because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings.”

Charlie Wardle, author of “How to Sleep Better”

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Card Deck: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers

41. The Unknown – I bow to the infinite intelligence of the cosmos and my next steps are revealed.

Most of us, including me, are afraid of the unknown. Afraid that something bad will happen and I will be crushed by big emotions and eventually drowned in them.

In this lunar cycle, we are reminded of the power of observation.

There are still a lot of feelings of uncertainty around, and with Mars retrograde arriving towards the end of October, this is not a time to push things happen or to take bold steps.

Instead, it continues to be a time to slow down, riding on the freedom theme from last lunar cycle’s message on coming back to our hearts.

Slowing down does not mean doing nothing though. The woman in the card stays still and quiet. Her eyes wide open and clear. As she observes her inner world and reflects on her outer world, she receives clarity and gathers insights.

Even when there is no action nor speech, the woman’s presence feels palpable and powerful, radiating a sense of confidence in her stillness. She is harnessing a powerful energy from within, and this energy comes from a keen sense of observation.

Imagine an eagle observing from a tree branch far above the ground. It sees the big picture and then its vision hones into its prey. It gets ready to hunt, waiting for the right timing. The eagle stays focused, its gaze never wanders off or gets distracted by anything else. And when the time is right, it will fly off to attack.

This is the harnessing energy we are talking about. This lunar cycle may not be the perfect time to act, expand or launch something big to the world yet. This is the time to witness, observe, and stay laser-focused on our intentions and desires.

What do you want to create in your life? What gifts are you bringing forth to this world? What dreams are here you to actualize?

As the woman in the card is wearing bold-colored clothes and adorns herself with flowers and feathers, she is confident with expressing her femininity, beauty and creativity. Even when she’s observing, it doesn’t mean that she needs to hide or conceal herself.

It is okay to “not know” anything yet. Come back to your intention first. We don’t need to know how we can manifest our dreams, or how the problems in our lives can be magically resolved. We don’t need to know the answers to everything.

All we need to stay focused on is our intention, stay connected with our hearts, and be grounded in the presence of love.

Keep on observing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, body sensations and the world through your spiritual practice, meditation, journaling, and intuition.

Trust that everything happens for a reason, and things unfold at exactly the right time when we are ready. There is a higher intelligence at work, a grand mystery called Life that none of us can fully comprehend and grasp with our rational minds.

When the time is right, the seed will sprout, the flower will bloom, and there is no turning back. Whatever you want to manifest and attract is already on its way to you.

Now it’s the time to prepare yourself, and to get ready to embrace whatever comes your way.

Daily Reflection: Today I embrace / honor  ___________.

Try This Affirmation
I honor the unknown in my life.

Repeat this affirmation as often as you need during this lunar cycle. A great tip is to write your affirmation on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can see every day as a reminder.

You can refer to my blog here at Museflower’s webpage on a simple guideline on how to write your own affirmation.

Feel free to change the words to make it 100% aligned to you.

For example,

It’s okay that I don’t know.

I trust that my next steps are revealed at the right time.

I bow to the infinite intelligence of the cosmos.

The magic lies in the unknown.

I know that I’m always protected and that’s enough.


I recognize that my interpretation of the cards is largely based on reflections of my personal life experience and you may or may not resonate with what I share. I find that sometimes by sharing what’s going on in my life, others may find that they are going through something similar in their lives. It’s important to know that you are not going through this journey of life alone.

I highly encourage you to look at the cards as well and feel into the messages and energies of the cards yourself.

Read the messages and notice what sensations come up. Do you feel light or tense? Look at the images of the cards, and notice what draws your gaze. What thoughts and feelings arise? Do you like or dislike the card, or certain elements in the image of the card? Why is that and what does it remind you of?

Your intuition is your inner compass. My intuitive soul card reading only serves as a reference point, an invitation for you to reflect and ponder and to work your magic. I don’t claim to predict the future, nor can I do that. Take what you resonate and leave what you don’t.

Card reading is a great intuitive tool for us to find some clarity and guidance in our own life, but remember ultimately you are the one who get to decide and live the life you want.

Enjoy reading and feel free to let me know your thoughts, questions and sharing by email.