Monthly Intuitive Soul Card Reading: August 27 to Septepmber 25, 2022



“Now I see that the journey was never meant to lead to some new and improved version of me;
that it has always been about coming home to who I already am.”

Katrina Kenison, writer

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Card Deck: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers

12. Creative Cocooning – Creative cocooning is a freedom I give myself. I create a safe nest for peace, healing and calm.

In this lunar cycle, we are asked to come home to ourselves.

What does coming home to yourself mean?

Perhaps it is reconnecting to your body. Perhaps it is giving yourself the luxury of time to do what nourishes you. Perhaps it is allowing your mind to slow down and just focus on the present.

How can you give yourself the gift of freedom this lunar cycle? What kind of freedom do you desire? Is it financial freedom? Creative freedom? Or the freedom to be the true you?

As the woman’s eyes are closed in this card, it feels like this lunar cycle is a time to turn our gaze inward again. This is not yet the time to expand or to push for things to happen. This is a time for reflection, for rest and recharge.

The bird in the card is bringing a leaf to continue building her nest on top of the woman’s head. This is the time to continue building on the foundation that you may been laying for the past few months.

Though this is not the time to expand outward, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing happening. The golden tree next to the woman continues to bear fruits. This is the time to continue nourishing ourselves, and allow the fruits of our labor continue to grow. Perhaps you may be able to start harvesting some of the seeds that you have planted earlier this year.

It’s not time yet for a huge harvest celebration, but it is possible to see the results of what you may have been working on the past few months and the progress of your healing journey.

Continue to harness and conserve your energy this lunar cycle. New ideas may start to form, just like the eggs in the nest. But it’s not time to act on these ideas yet. Your new ideas may still need some more time to be able to “hatch” properly later.

Use this time to play with your imagination. What do you dream of creating? Let yourself dream.

Whatever you do, remember to bring your focus back to yourself. It is so easy to distract ourselves with busyness and then we feel our energy scattered and drained.

I love this quote by famous brain coach Jim Kwik,  “The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.”

It is so easy to be pulled in many different directions if we keep on putting other people’s needs before us. Remember, you and your time are the most important thing.

By the last lunar cycle, I hope that you got to experience the power of play in your life.

So keep on playing for the sake of your wellbeing. Bring your attention back to yourself. Come home to yourself. Come home to your soul.

Daily Reflection: Today I give myself the luxury of  ___________.

Try This Affirmation
I come home to my soul.

Repeat this affirmation as often as you need during this lunar cycle. A great tip is to write your affirmation on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can see every day as a reminder.

You can refer to my blog here at Museflower’s webpage on a simple guideline on how to write your own affirmation.

Feel free to change the words to make it 100% aligned to you.

For example,

I give myself the freedom to ________.

I am at home with myself.

I call back all my energies back to myself.

I am whole.

I am free to _____.


I recognize that my interpretation of the cards is largely based on reflections of my personal life experience and you may or may not resonate with what I share. I find that sometimes by sharing what’s going on in my life, others may find that they are going through something similar in their lives. It’s important to know that you are not going through this journey of life alone.

I highly encourage you to look at the cards as well and feel into the messages and energies of the cards yourself.

Read the messages and notice what sensations come up. Do you feel light or tense? Look at the images of the cards, and notice what draws your gaze. What thoughts and feelings arise? Do you like or dislike the card, or certain elements in the image of the card? Why is that and what does it remind you of?

Your intuition is your inner compass. My intuitive soul card reading only serves as a reference point, an invitation for you to reflect and ponder and to work your magic. I don’t claim to predict the future, nor can I do that. Take what you resonate and leave what you don’t.

Card reading is a great intuitive tool for us to find some clarity and guidance in our own life, but remember ultimately you are the one who get to decide and live the life you want.

Enjoy reading and feel free to let me know your thoughts, questions and sharing by email.