3 Spiritual Lessons from Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

This was a blog that I wrote and shared on Museflower Retreat & Spa’s blog page in July 2018.

I have copied and pasted the beginning of my blog article below. If you are interested to continue reading it, please click the “Read On” button.

“It has been 9 weeks since Mirren was born.

In the past few months during my pregnancy, I was reading a few pregnancy books that were related to the topic of spirituality.

There was one book I really enjoyed called “Spiritual Pregnancy” by Shawn A. Tassone and Kathryn M. Landhen, which described pregnancy as a heroine’s journey.

Like in a superhero movie, the heroine experiences a call to transformation from her ordinary world (pregnancy), embarks on her journey alone with doubts and fears. Then she meets her mentors and teachers (other women and mothers), gains knowledge and wisdom, and finally faces the biggest challenge and goes through a transition (birth)….”