An Ode to Labyrinth

Enter – The sacred path of life.

I start with a heavy heart. So heavy. So slow.
I feel like I’m the Earth. I carry so much. So much burden, so much sadness.

I move slower and slower. Until I can’t move anymore, not a step further.

I let go and receive, right where I am. Be open now. It’s time to open the heart.

Courage arises. Clarity comes.
I continue to move forward in life.

Stop and receive. I listen. Listen to the inner voice within.

Time to slow down again. Repeat. Stop. Receive. Heal. Move forward.

Anger. A burst of fire, the desire to destroy everything. Everything that is dragging me down, ruining my life. Allow the fire to burn. Burn it all. I swing my fists. I stomp my feet. Let it burn.

All is left is truth. Essence of my soul. The light within me. A tiny flame now. Burning like a candle light to guide my way.

Moving forward.

Sadness again. I hold my heart. I want to become smaller and smaller. My chest is tight. My shoulders are tense. I want to get smaller. Smaller. Even smaller. And stop.

I freeze. All I can hear is my shallow breathing. Expand the breath. Breath deeper.
Deeper and deeper. Let go of the tension.

I stand up straight again. Moving forward, lighter.

At the center I am asked to breath deeper. Even deeper. Wider.
Expand. Take up all the air your lungs can fill.
Own your presence. Be YOU.

I bow to the wisdom of the four winds.

The East – Breathe deeper.
The South – Feel the light inside you burning
The West – Allow the emotions to wash over you, all is transient, like water flowing through. There’s no need to hold on. See with clarity.
The North – Mother Earth and all beings can live in harmony. It is Mother Earth’s purpose to help human beings transcend and ascend.


What should I do now? How do I go from here?

Just follow the path. The path is laid in front of you already. You just need to walk.
Step by step.

A sense of energy rushes through me. New ideas. New projects.

I see the exit. A shortcut by passing the
But no need to rush. It’s not a race.

Moving on. Do you feel the riches in your heart? The wind whispers.

Oh how I wish I have a pen and paper to jot things down.
Embrace the writer in you. Write. Teach. Share.
With humor, with lightness.

Listen. Receive. Stop.
Heal. Breathe. Move on.

But I can’t. I don’t want to anymore.

Do you see? All the support you have?

My ancestors open their hands.
Hold my hand.

I reach out, one hand front and one hand back. I’m not alone. I’m walking with thousands. Before me. After me.

The path walked by my ancestors and to be walked by my descendants.

A few more steps to the exit. I look back. I thank the path.

My dogs await. By the exit. All my loved ones who have passed on. All the spiritual beings who have been helping me.

Tears. I have completed my task. I have fulfilled my destiny.
It’s time to leave the world and to return to home.

And I am not alone. So much love is waiting for me, beyond the invisible thin veil.

I thank the path again. So much gratitude. Bittersweet.

Finally, it’s time to move on. Thousands of loved ones waiting for me. My dogs, my cats, and rabbits. My family. My friends.

They cheer. They spread their arms, ready for a hug.

And so I say goodbye. My walk is complete.
With a heart full of the riches of love. I return home.
Back to Spirit.

All shall pass.