Monthly Intuitive Card Reading: December 12, 2023 to January 10, 2024



“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”


― Carl Jung

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Card Deck: The Dream Weaver’s Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

32. When It’s Time to Say Good-Bye

The key message for this lunar cycle is really timely with the end of the year. As the theme for this lunar cycle is about learning, the key message suggests that the one thing we need to focus on learning is to let go and to say goodbye.

So who or what are we saying goodbye to?

It is time to say goodbye to the old version of ourselves. It doesn’t mean that the old version of ourselves are “bad”. It’s because we are constantly growing and changing and we are evolving to the better version of ourselves. Just like red wine, the more we age, the more we mature into yummy tasting wine.

If you can find some solo time to do some reflective journaling before the end of the year, take this time to review the past year and your intention that you have set for 2023. Celebrate your progress, miracles and breakthroughs. All the ups and downs in our lives are here to propel us to grow into our wiser selves, and to have more trust and faith in the Universe.

Ask yourself, is there anything that once inspired you but is no longer aligned with your current self? Is there anything that you want to let go now, coming to the end of the year, so you can make new space for 2024 to come?

During the past week I remember some of my dreams before COVID, and how the dreams have changed and evolved. I realize I no longer have the exact same dreams, as I have also changed a lot since then (I mean, I have given birth to another human being). And how it is okay, for my dreams to shift now that I am at a different phase of my life.

When we let go of an old part of ourselves, it is natural to experience some amount of grief or sadness. Allow whatever emotions that want to arise to pass through you. Remember emotions are only energy in motion, they are not meant to last unless we hold onto them.

We may not know what the future holds for us, but we can definitely start dreaming for something new. Even if we don’t know what our new dreams are. I would recommend delving deep into the feeling that you want to manifest instead.

What is the feeling that you want to focus on experiencing for the year 2024? Write down your intention and trust that the Universe is here to support you and to make it happen with you together as co-creators.

Honor the past version of you. Say thank you to this old self, for this part of you has brought you to where you are today. Perhaps you may want to do a fire or water release ceremony to symbolically let go. Perhaps you just want to journal. Perhaps you can write a thank-you letter to your old self and be completely honest with what you say. Perhaps you just want to be alone and go watch the sun set.

Whatever the process you want to do, know that it’s for you personally. It’s not something that you need to do in order to show off to the world.

Notice what you feel in your heart when you begin to let go. Whether it’s heaviness or lightness, be curious instead of judging, expecting, analyzing or criticizing. Hold space for yourself to be and for all the emotions arising. Eventually, a new dawn will come.

Daily Reflection: Today, I say goodbye by   ____________.

Try This Affirmation
I say goodbye to my old self.

Repeat this affirmation as often as you need during this lunar cycle. A great tip is to write your affirmation on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can see every day as a reminder.

You can refer to my blog here at Museflower’s webpage on a simple guideline on how to write your own affirmation.

Feel free to change the words to make it 100% aligned to you.

For example,

I graciously let go of my past.

I gratefully let go of whatever no longer serves me.

I choose to forgive.

I can move forward in my life.

I thank my old self for all the hard work I’ve been through.


I recognize that my interpretation of the cards is largely based on reflections of my personal life experience and you may or may not resonate with what I share. I find that sometimes by sharing what’s going on in my life, others may find that they are going through something similar in their lives. It’s important to know that you are not going through this journey of life alone.

I highly encourage you to look at the cards as well and feel into the messages and energies of the cards yourself.

Read the messages and notice what sensations come up. Do you feel light or tense? Look at the images of the cards, and notice what draws your gaze. What thoughts and feelings arise? Do you like or dislike the card, or certain elements in the image of the card? Why is that and what does it remind you of?

Your intuition is your inner compass. My intuitive soul card reading only serves as a reference point, an invitation for you to reflect and ponder and to work your magic. I don’t claim to predict the future, nor can I do that. Take what you resonate and leave what you don’t.

Card reading is a great intuitive tool for us to find some clarity and guidance in our own life, but remember ultimately you are the one who get to decide and live the life you want.

Enjoy reading and feel free to let me know your thoughts, questions and sharing by email.