Podcast Interview with The Inquisitive Wren on Feb 24, 2024

I am so grateful to be invited on the podcast The Inquisitive Wren hosted by Sha, a holistic therapist, coach and spiritual medium based in the UK, to talk about the ease of meditation and how to find calmness in meditation. The episode was released on Feb 24, 2024.

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I invite you to check out our wonderful conversation below (43 minutes long).

Excerpt from The Inquisitive Wren Podcast episode website:

About the Episode:

This week I am joined by Meditation teacher and owner of Museflower Retreat in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Tania serves as a meditation teacher showing people how to meditate in a fun, easy and practical way, and how to trust their intuition. She studied holistic therapies including devotional chanting, cacao ceremony, labyrinth walk, shamanic journeying, flower essences and energy healing. On the show today we discuss ways in which you can learn to meditate, and how it can enrich your life.