Slow Down…It’s Okay!

by Tania Ho
21 May 2022

In the past 3 months, I felt like my home cave had been pretty much my entire world. It was a time for resting, healing, nourishing, and taking care of my kids, my family and myself.

Now I feel like I can slowly come out of my cave, one baby step a time.

With everything going on in my life and the world, sometimes I feel like I’m moving at snail speed. My mind is already one hundred steps away, wanting to be able to tick off everything on my to-do list. But my heart and my body seem to be lacking behind in speed. So frustrating. When can I get to the other side?

But what’s on the other side? What’s the “other side”, honestly?

I feel like I’m sailing across the ocean on uncharted waters after closing an old chapter of my life. Yet how does this new land look like?

I realize my frustration stems from my expectations on how this new land must look like. It must have perfectly manicured garden, a perfectly beautiful and strong house, and everyone and animal are living happily ever after there.

But what if the Universe has something better for me? More than I could possibly imagine? A new possibility beyond what my mind could have ever fathomed.

When we let go of the old beliefs and stories that do not serve us anymore, it is okay to stay in the dark void for a while before arriving at somewhere new and shiny.

Perhaps we may feel that we have not made any progress in life since our last meditation practice, our last yoga class, our last conversation with a friend, or last night’s meal and sleep.

If so, I invite you to imagine a snail. Imagine the snail moving slowly and sluggishly from one side to the other side of your front door. To the outer eye, the snail doesn’t look like it’s moving. But the snail knows. It doesn’t need to rush. It’s just following its natural pace.

It looks at though nothing is happening on the surface, “nothing” is getting done as per our expectations, goals not reached, boxes unticked. But have faith and trust in the Universe. It is okay to stay in the space of “in-between” for now. Accept and honor where you are now. It is safe to move slowly, to move even slower than how we think we “should” be moving.

I love this quote by Amma,

“When we take one step towards God, God will take one hundred steps towards us.”


As we are moving towards a more aligned life, one that is in harmony with our authentic selves – who we are meant to be, it is a progress and not a perfect destination. You are always supported each step of the way. You are held by Mother Earth.  Let Her cradle you. Let Her nourish and nurture you.

All we need to do is keep our eyes, hearts and minds open. Even if you are walking through a dark forest, you may catch a glimpse of a firefly flickering its light not-too-far from where you are standing. And that – is the beauty of Mother Nature.

May we all listen, honor and follow our natural pace.