5 Ways on How to Get Unstuck

Do you feel a bit stagnant in your life? Do you feel tired to get out of bed? Feeling overwhelmed, like there is more to life than just this? Do you feel stuck in your headspace and want to get out of it?

I have experienced this feeling before, many times.

Sometimes I feel stuck with overthinking a problem and trying to come up with a solution. I know that there is no way to move forward if I keep on doing the same thing. If I feel stuck in the headspace, I know I need to do something else to move myself out of this mental cage.

Albert Einstein once said, “The only way to keep on balancing is to keep on moving.” Below are some tried and tested ways in my own personal life to get energy flowing again. It may not immediately lift you up to the Heavens, but at least they may help you get out of the rut, and you are still alive on the ground.

1. Declutter and Organize

One way to move away from our headspace is to declutter and organize. Our physical environment is a reflection of our inner world. When we feel stuck with a situation or problem, take a look at your physical home or work area. Is there one area today that you can tidy up?

Sometimes we perceive decluttering is such a big task and the thought of it may overwhelm some of us. Just start small. Maybe it’s just tidying up the books in one shelf. Maybe it’s just finally throwing away that old phone that doesn’t work anymore.

Ask your spiritual support team to come help you. There is no too small or too big of a task. When we ask for our spiritual support team to come help us with decluttering, we find that it is easier to let go of things that no longer serve our highest purpose anymore.

2. Close Open Loops

Closing open loops is definitely one of my go-to ways to allow myself move forward. Are there any tasks or projects that you have begun but haven’t gotten around to finish yet? Are there any emails sitting in your inbox waiting for you to reply?

When we started a task but haven’t finished for whatever reason, the energy flow of this tiny task becomes stagnant. Imagine when these incomplete tiny tasks pile up. They are like pebbles building up in a river and suddenly they completely block the flow of the water.

Is there something on your to-do list that you keep on procrastinating but needs to be done? Sometimes some items on our to-do list can actually be removed since they are not high priority.

Again, the key here is to start small. Is there someone waiting for your reply on an invitation, or on one question that you haven’t made a decision yet? Indecision is also a decision. Indecision keeps us stagnant, and unless we either say yes or no, we cannot move forward.

One time I was trying to come up with a creative idea but I felt stuck in my headspace. There was nothing coming up through my meditation. I then had a feeling that I should finish checking this pile of expense reports sitting behind my desk for a few months. Once I got those done, I had a feeling I needed to reply to all these emails that were sitting in my inbox waiting for my reply. It took me three days to close these open loops, and then the answer I was previously looking for arose.

3. Change of Scenery

In the pre COVID-19 age, it was easy to organize a change of scenery through traveling to a different country. Nowadays, we may feel more stuck than ever especially if we are staying and working at home more often. In a way though, more people are reaching out to nature, going for walks and hikes in nature, and spending more time in open spaces like the beach.

Lucky for me, even when Museflower was closed and during the lockdown period, I had the whole Museflower to walk around. My favorite go-to spot for a change of scenery is our labyrinth at Museflower. Sometimes when I feel bored from working or feel uninspired, I go to walk in the labyrinth.

Of course not everyone has a labyrinth in their backyard (though you can try out a free online finger labyrinth walk organized by Veriditas here: https://www.veriditas.org/Finger-Labyrinth ).

If you are going to work via the same route every day, see if you can switch it up by going another route. If you are staying at home every day and can’t even go out, try to move around some furniture and see how your feel.

Try a change of scenery in your daily life and see what happens.

4. Move Physically

Exercising is a great way to release stress, but even just moving physically can help to shift your energy to a different state.

If you don’t feel like going for exercising for whatever reason, try intuitive dancing. Intuitive dancing is a great way to listen and connect with your body. To begin, choose your favorite tunes. You may want to be alone in a space to do this if you feel self-conscious with other people around.

Close your eyes and start playing the music. Listen to your body and allow your body to guide your movements. It is not a choreographed dance. You are just moving to the rhythm of the music and your body. Let your body be the compass. You may be surprised.

5. Laugh

This is my favorite way to get myself out of a slump. Laughing is a bit similar to moving physically. The vibration of our laugh moves through our entire body and lifts our energy instantly to a higher frequency.

The easiest way is to find a movie or TV show that is both inspiring and funny. I love watching Queer Eye for this reason. Or watch a heartwarming movie that you know it will make you laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Another way to combine laughter and movement is laughter yoga. I have experienced laughter yoga during one of our previous Museflower life festivals before with Tania Bloch and it was definitely one of the most memorable sessions. During the laughter yoga session, we played and moved and made funny sounds like children. After so much movement and sweating, we lied down on the ground in a circle, and first we were instructed to laugh. As we continued to make laughing sound, we started to laugh for real. But tears also came. And then we were invited to enjoy a moment of silence to deeply connect with our inner being.

I highly recommend trying Laughter Yoga if it’s offered in your local area.

On days when you feel bored, uninspired, stuck, it is easy to just want to curl up in bed and sleep. And that is totally fine. There is no judgment in this. The most important thing is to listen to your body and your intuition. What is your intuition and your body telling you to do right now? If the answer is rest, rest. Sometimes we do need the rest

Sometimes if you feel like you need to do something to get unstuck, try one of the above suggestions and see how you feel.

Sometimes we do need someone else’s support and again that is totally okay. We cannot do everything by ourselves. If you feel unsure of your next step in life, consider booking an online Soul Card Reading session with me to gain more clarity.

In the Soul Card Reading session, we look at our current soul lessons and what possible next steps and grounded actions we can take to help us move forward in our life. For more information on my offerings, visit