Soul Card Reading
Are you at a crossroad in your life?
Do you feel stuck or stagnant with where you are?
Do you want to get started on something new but don’t know how?
Do you want to move forward with clarity and a renewed sense of purpose, love and acceptance for yourself?
We all have our intuition to guide us. But sometimes we get to a point where we are blindsided by our fears and limited beliefs, and we need a fresh perspective to help us move forward.

This is where Soul Card Reading can help. Soul Card Reading is a two-way conversation, opening a door for you to actively participate in to get in touch with your intuition and reconnect with your soul again.

During the session, we will use oracle cards, meditations and other forms of intuitive healing exercises to assist with your Soul-discovery process. We end the session with a practical next step for you to take and move forward with.

The end result is a renewed commitment to yourself, from a space of love, clarity, purpose and meaning.

to purchase a Soul Card Reading as a gift?

I am honored that you are considering my Soul Card Reading as a gift for your beloved, friend or family member.

However, this is an important note before proceeding. Please always check with the person whom you want to gift this to if he/she really wants this. To see a shift in our lives, we must first have an intention and the desire to make an inner change.

No matter how great and loving our intention is, we must allow others to walk their own path and make their own conscious decisions.

With my Soul Card Reading session, one needs to be open and trusting and surrendering to the process. The person you want to gift this to may or may not resonate with my style and that is totally okay. It’s like ten people can follow the same recipe to make a batch of cookies and all ten batches will taste different.

Before purchasing the Soul Card Reading as a gift, you can share my website and the information of what this session is about, along with your testimonial (if you haven’t experienced a session with me then I highly recommend you to), with the person you want to gift this to.

After receiving the permission from your beloved, friend or family member, then you can go ahead to purchase a reading for them.

For those who are unsure, you can also purchase a 1-card Soul Card Reading which the reading will be sent via email .For more information about 1-card Soul Card Reading, visit here.

As always, feel free to contact me directly for any questions. Thank you for your support.